Fishing Report


Updated by Captain Mitchell Blake, week in review.

March 9    Got some Shad, Herring and Stripers today on fly and light tackle, mighty good fishing.

March 4    Striper Season is open on the Roanoke and the fish are here.  Take advantage of some awesome fishing for Shad and Stripers. with a mixed bag trip.

Feb.     Ice and snow, Ice and snow, rain, rain, cold wind weather sucks!  Pulled off some 30-60 fish half days between the events without seeing another boat also got to pull on some record class Gar.

Jan.    Started steady but weather patterns toward the end of the month pushed fish around.  Despite the temps I was still able to put my customers on some awesome Striper Fishing!

2014  Happy New Year!

Dec. 31    Lots of rain but still getting 60-120 fish Striper days!

Dec 23    The past couple weeks the fishing has been outstanding!  I'm talking 100 fish half days, 200 fish full days.  If you want in on the action give me a call 252-495-1803.  Sorry I don't  have many pics this round but releasing 200 Stripers....its tough to find time for photos.

Dec. 6    The past couple of weeks I've been catching some awesome fish with the exception of today....the nearly 80 degree day.....I just couldn't get the fish to play.  Here are some pics of the past few days.......

Nov. 22    Been getting some Trout to mix it up but with an awesome Striper bite plus fish ranging 22-30 inches and every angler seeing double digits, well you know what I'm going to do.

Nov. 16    Record low the other day, walked outside and it was snowing.....not enough to cover the ground but it was snowing.  Today, Tshirts on the water.  Anyhow this is whats been happening on my end.  I've had some 50 fish days...I've had some 200 lb days.... I've had a customer cancel because they read fish will not bite before, during or after a cold front or something like that.  Anyhow here is what I've been doing before during and after

Nov 5    Been crushing the Striped Bass!  

Oct. 9    Now back to work Pamlico River

Oct. 5    Got the shine back on the Skimmer!

Sept 29    With a few days of steady NE winds we are changing gears from the Trophy Red Drum.  I'm going to take a few days and clean the boats plus prep some tackle for Oct 1, the start of Striper Season!  Look out Pamlico River Stripers!

Sept 19    Unbelivable Trophy Red Drum fishing!  Not much time to post to the site, check out the action and up to date post on Facebook (Fishibx, Mithchell Blake)  Pics will come soon only a few more dates open for the season call for details.  Also Striped Bass season is just around the corner, book now!

Aug. 31    Wide open Trophy Red Drum!  Overall the past 3 weeks have been good.  Looking back through my notes all my full days have landed trophies, my half days have also been strong with the exception of two trips.  One of which we kept getting pushed by storms and one I just couldn't get a big Drum  to eat.  Looking forward to another month of Trophy Drum call now to get in on the aciton.

Aug. 5  Lately it's been Reds, hunting Tarpon, Flounder, Blues, Spadefish, Trout.... another week or so full time Trophy Reds.  Here is a couple from the past few days.

July 9    Plenty of action today on the Neuse with Trout and Flounder.

July 8    Back to the Roanoke to for one last summer run and hit double digits but the fish have rolled out.

July 7    Awesome showing of Silver today, went 1 for 2 on the Tarpon!

July 6     Water went out today on the Roanoke temps went to 80, 50 fish for the day....Going after a Tarpon in the a.m.

July 1    It's been awesome Striper Fishing the past couple weeks, also found some Trout and Flounder action.

June 22    Stripers are stacked, 50 fish half days!

June 15    More Flounder and Trout

June 14    Stripers, Reds, few Flounder and caught my first bunch of Croakers today.... You know what, Tarpon will not be long now.

May 23    A release of water turned  the water over and the fish moved a little to stay comfortable.  Well, I found them again and with that slug of water came the post spawn females.  33 inch stuff will get you going, along with mixed Reds, Trout, White Perch etc. etc., It's on again!

May 10    Wide open!  Striped Bass are busting top-water lures also a Fly anglers paradise.  Trout get what you need head for the Reds because that's where it's at! Thick.

April 10    Albemarle Sound and Roanoke River have responded well to the warm up.  Water temps have hit 57 and climbing daily.  Also the fish are responding with an increase in numbers and size classes.

April 2    Roanoke temps have been in the high 40's through most of March, this week I've seen 53.  We need one of two things, current or warmer water now and the Stripers will respond to spawn mode.  Plenty of Shad on the upper river if anyone wants to go!

March    Where did March go?  Gang I will be updating regularly going forward I've been spending a ton of time getting 2013 in order and now were on go!  As for fishing in March the Stripers on the Albemarle Sound and Roanoke River weren't what I was expecting.  I've been on fish, but decent fish are not setting the world on fire.  Also spent some time on video so the people at home keep your eye open for some awesome fly footage with Carolina Outdoor Journal.

Feb 26    The fishing has junmped into high gear!  80-100 fish days on Roanoke Stripers, excelent catches of Trout, Reds and Stripers on the Pamlico and Neuse.  Roanoke keeper season is March 1, book now!

Jan 19    Past couple weeks I've been busy fishing and working shows, as for the fishing the weather has been accross the board.  The water temps have covered an easy 15 degree roller coaster this month making patterns change daily.  I've still been managing to pull off apx. 15+ fish on the half day double it for the full.  We now have a cold blast on us so this should put the fish back in a Winter pattern and I do expect an increase of fish over the next few weeks.  All in all, the fishing hasn't been bad with some nice Stripers on light tackle and the fly and several Gar in the 15-25lb range.

Jan. 1     Happy New Year!  Be sure to book your Jan Date now as I try to provide my customers with the best light tackle Striper fishing NC has to offer.


Dec. 28    Ran a half day on the fly, ended up with around 20 +/- Stripers!

Dec 23    Water temps took a plunge to 47, but the 20k wind is off my face and we made up some ground with nearly 40 fish on the half day.

Dec. 22    Wind was a little rough out today, kinda limited in what I could do.  Ended up with apx. 14-15 fish for the kids on a half day

Dec. 17    This past week has been 100 fish days, with the start of our big fish coming in.  Had a cow on that wouldn't go into the net yesterday .... a little tackle tweak will happen today, or my large landing net will be on the boat going forward!

Dec 10    Just under 40 Stripers on the half day and would could have been a state record?  You talk about fight!

Dec. 9    Father and Son landed just under 40 on a half day.

Dec. 8    Teaching my boys how to target Stripers!

Dec 7    50 fish half days on the fly and light tackle

Dec 5    The full moon put a little spread on the fish but I've got the new pattern dialed back in.

Nov. 26    Neuse River limits

Nov 24    Pamlico River to check on some of my favorite holes and found plenty of big ones.

Nov.23    Anglers getting slams, awesome fishing!


Nov. 18    This past week was some awesome fishing, spent most of my time on Stripers and closed in the gap with Trout.  Last Thursday was a record day, Stripers on every cast for hours with lots of fish over slot.  Nothing gets you fired up like 4-10 lb fish cast after cast!

Nov. 5    Stripers are coming back around getting them on top along with some huge Trout!

Oct was tough for Stripers, Trout fishing has been good to the East however.

Sept 18, 2012   Striped Bas Top Water is on FIRE!

Sept. 10    Trophy Reds for several more weeks, the fishing is great!

Aug 27    Red Drum are wide open!


July 9    Awesome fishing!!  Landed Tarpon, Trophy Red Drum and the light tackle runs have been wide open Grand Slams (Trout, Reds, Flounder, Stripers)!!!!

July 1    Completed my post spawn Striper trips on the fly and we crushed triple digit days all of June!!!!  Need to check my log but I think the past 6 months I've released around 5000 Stripers.  Now time to switch boats and gear.

June 18    All of June has offered triple digit days on post spawn Stripers!!!  Also plenty of White Perch in the sound!

May 30    We've had a major rain event so I pushed East to Ocracoke to fish for a few days looking for a Cobia.  No Cobia but lots of fun with the kids.

May 20    We have turned to post spawn Stripers on the Neuse and Pamlico and the topwater action has been crazy!

May 5    Fishing has been good with plenty of Striped Bass, Trout, and Rays on the Neuse and plenty of Stripers on the Roanoke.

April 16    Weldon Stripers (30 fish days over the past couple weeks), Neuse Stripers and Trout (30 fish days), Lower Roanoke Stripers (30 fish half days)


March 26    Shad bite is over for me, I've been hitting the Neuse and Pamlico having some great Striper and Trout fishing.  Still planning on Weldon unless this bite stays strong around home.

March 12    The past couple weeks we've gone from over 50 + fish half days to 5 fish half days on the Stripers.  Looks like I'll go after Shad for the next few weeks in Weldon or the Neuse.  By the way I'll  also be fishing Weldon for Stripers in April being the lower Roanoke is so low.  Call me if you want on.

Feb. 20    The weather has been great and the fishing has been awesome.  Still getting 80-100 fish on a full day charter!  NC can be a top fishing destination 12 months a year.

Feb. 6    Big fish came in with some Hickory Shad over the weekend, check out this brute on the Fly Rod!

Feb. 2    On the Fly, single, doubles, triples on Spinning gear!  Huge perch, gar, cats and lots of Stripers over the past few days.

Jan. 30    This is some of the best Winter fishing I've seen, had an 80 fish half day, lots of 50 fish half days!

Jan. 24    Lots of Stripers and White Perch 80-100 fish full days!

Jan. 18    50 fish half days!

Jan. 17    They've come on strong!!  Crushing the Stripers!

Jan. 12    Haven't posted in a while, great Christmas and New Years with the family.  Fishing has been all over the board with great numbers and low numbers, big fish and small.  The water temps are still running 48 range and we've been working hard to stay on moving fish and with the hard work I'm back on a good pattern and bite.  Here are a few photos of the past few weeks......  Also wanted to thank George Poveromo for asking me to be a part of the 25th anniversary National SaltWater Sportsman Seminar Series and The Raligh Fishing Expo for asking me to participate in 3 of their seminars.

Dec. 18    Striped Bass are still in high gear, water temps are running high 40's at night and low 50's in the p.m.   Still have a topwater bite coming on some pm trips along with plenty of action throughout the day.

Dec. 11    I'm on some Stripers, have a couple dates open to finish out Dec. and the fishing is good.  Be sure to check the family and I out at the Raleigh Fresh and Saltwater Expo Jan. 6, 7, and 8.  I'll have a space again this year and I've been invited to talk about Striped Bass fishing at several seminars throughout the weekend.  Also I'll be in New Bern Jan. 14 with George Poveromo and the Saltwater Sportsman National Seminar Series be sure to reserve your seat today online at  Hope to see you there!

Dec. 6    Fishing is good!  Stripers from big to small.  Top, fly, casting, trolling, jig, we've got a Winter, Spring, and Fall pattern tied into one!  

Nov. 22    TOP WATER.....Fly....... It's awesome!  New Temple Fork Outfitter 8wt straight out of the box and this is the first Striped Bass it landed.

Nov. 15    Striper bite has been awesome, some huge fish came on this week and theTrout bite has been good all month.

Oct. 31    Stripers from top to bottom with huge White Perch, look me up for some awesome Fall fishing.

Oct. 14    Crushing the Stripers on Top!

Oct. 11    A visit to the Roanoke to see what"s what, the lower Roanoke, Middle and Cashie all looked like black coffee.  Can't say I've seen that before but hit some areas casting for Stripers 0,  hit some areas that hold Bass and got one hook up but got off ?, loaded up and went to the sound and found some short Stripers.  O'well got to start the hunt somewhere.

Oct. 9    Red Drum rods are put away after a great season, for the past couple of weeks I've been doing the mixed bag thing and fishing has been good.  Catching Trout, Flounder and Stripers for inshore slam trips.  

Sept. 17    The post Irene fishing remianed great in the areas I fish, lower Neuse and Pamlico Sound, with catches of Trophy Red Drum, huge Croakers, Sea Mullet, couple Spot and few Trout.  Lets keep our fingers crossed the upper reaches of the rivers are back in shape for Fall Stripers.

Aug. 22    Huge Reds!  I've been on some awesome Reds, last week my customers landed several fish over 50 inches!  Along with the Reds catches of Croakers and Sea Mullet have been strong.  Also guess what decided to show up today.....the Tarpon, cutting mullet in a small bay, so in the a.m.I'll be after them.

Aug. 8    Flounder bite has started but putting most of my time in on the Huge Reds, and by the way the Trophy Reds have kicked off.  Don't know what the Tarpon have done, we've had a large amount of dead water pushing around in the rivers and it must of put the Tarpon in another zip code.

July 26    Tarpon!  Not much going on with Drum,Trout and Flounder.

June 10    Lots of good things going on, filmed what just may be a top 10 Striper video on fly with Carolina Outdoor Journal.  Got to love it when batteries go dead filming nonstop action!  Every now and then the stars align and it happened on film!  Fish every cast for hours!  I put 2 anglers bringing in 4 fish at a time cast after cast, needless to say things got crazy.........  Also TARPON, the Pamlico looks like a repeat of the 2009 season and if the fish respond like I think they will it's going to be a record setter.  If you want in on catching the most powerful fish that swims our rivers and sounds call me today!  Boat is on go, I'm already scouting and I'm willing to say there will be a fish on in 2 weeks, let your name be on it!

June 6    Just back from Ocracoke and it was awesome, first off it didn't blow everyday like last year and the fishing was good!  There were Spanish and Blues along the beach, nothing huge but great for the cooler.  Cobia were along the beach also but I couldn't buy a bite casting so I quickly changed my approach and then came Sharks and Cobia on line!  Great times, and if anyone is looking a get away I've got a cottage for rent on the Island.

May 26    Folks, I'm on a bite that's breaking records daily!  It's the best I've seen in my 33 years!  You name it, Top, Bottom, Between, Fly, double Fly, I'll stop there!

May 23    Back down on the lower portion of the Raonoke and the Striper bite has been awesome.  Huge schools of fishing taking topwater and more.  I plan on catching Stripers on the lower Roanoke through May 27.  From there I'm going to Ocacoke for 2 weeks and hit some Cobia, Blues, Spanish and more.  Summer plans will be the same as the past, working the Pamlico and Neuse Rivers for Tarpon, Drum and Flounder.  BOOK TODAY if you want a date for Tarpon in July!

May 15    Last trip in Weldon for the year and had a great time landing Stripers!

May 2    Fishing Weldon, waters at 67, one limit, 2 limits, 3 limits, 4.  Plenty of Stripers!  Look me up I plan to fish the upper end for several weeks now.

April 25    Water temps at 64 still nothing on top for the Stripers, this past week the water has been coming up making us work hard for the fish.  To sum it up there hasn't been a huge push of fish on the lower end, just trickles of fish so.....  It looks like I'll be going to Weldon for May in serch of some barn burner days.

April 18    Water temps have reached 62, caught some 22 inch fish over the weekend along with some Largemouth Bass.  The top water bite still hasn't come on for me.

April 11    Stripers have been slow, having to work hard for them.

March 21    The past week the Largemouth Bass have been biting good, Stripers have slowed down a little and the size class of fish is running a little smaller but we are getting some keeper fish.  The average for the week was around 13 fish on the half day.  With the water temps going over 55 look out for the upcoming weeks, things should turn up!

March 14    Last past week was another week of good fishing, some under slot fish came in so I had to bounce around to find the keeper class but mission accomplished and happy anglers!  Last weeks average was apx. 20 fish on the half day.

March 7    Striped Bass fishing is hot!

Feb. 22    I've been on the Roanoke River, Pamlico River and Albemarle Sound.  The Striped Bass fishing has been GREAT!  Also, Shad and running, White Perch, Speckled Perch and Largemouth Bass are all coming on.  Book NOW for early Sping dates, things are going fast.

Feb.21    Pamlico River to see what the Stripers were up to and found some hook bending action!  22-26 inch class fish.

Feb. 18    Speckled Perch, White Perch and Striped Bass, Huge Gar.  40 fish half day, 24 Stripers were in the keeper slot!

Feb 17    Big Moon and the bite is light but I'm still getting my customers on some # days.

Feb. 15    The first two weeks of Feb. have been across the board with rain, snow, and 70 degree weather and don't forget a blow or two!  Striped Bass catch numbers are a little behind Jan. but the average is still strong with a 23 fish half day average!  Some schools of Shad have also started up the Roanoke River so I'll keep you posted on what's next.

Jan. 31    This past weekend offered some fun under the sun!  All my customers had a ball, Striped Bass bite was again strong, landed a 50 inch Gar that was just massive, White Perch were thick and even got to pull on some huge Carp!  Now that's a first casting to schooling Carp but I'll take that fight any day.

Jan. 27    We've had a little more snow, a blow and last weeks charters averaged out at 42 Striped Bass on the half day.  THATS STRONG.  I'm excited about this weekend, looks like a SW wind may push us a little break on the cold.  Also if you want prime dates for the spring call me now, dates will go fast and based off the winter fishing, this spring is going to put us on a class of fish that will be second to none!

Jan. 17    The Striped Bass bite is as strong as I've seen since I started guiding 6 years ago!

Jan. 10    A little snow.

Jan. 6-9    Raleigh Expo.

Jan. 3    Back on the water to find some NICE STRIPERS!

Jan. 1    Family loaded up on a road trip to Ocracoke, Kaden, Kylie and I had a ball surf fishing! The ocean was awesome, and got to see some Reds working the sloughs.

Dec. 28    huge melt in from the snow, 35 degree water, and couldn't get the fish to bite.

Dec. 27     Removed the snow and ice from the boat to get back on the action.

Dec 25-26    8 inches of snow!

Dec. 21   the water temp has fallen to a cool 39 but the Striped Bass are eating!  32 Striped Bass.

Dec. 20    28 Striped Bass

Dec. 19    15 Striped Bass.

Dec.    We've had our first and second snow and the melt which has pushed our water temp to the low 40's and some Striped Bass have started to bite.  I'll be running my cabin boat over to the Albemarle to fish the next few months behind the curtains and with the heater fired up so never mind the cold temps!

Dec.1    Small Seatrout.

Nov. 1    I've been fishing several times on the Albemarle Sound to locate my run of Fall Striped Bass with no fish to be found.  Since the last rain in Oct. the fish have decided to change zip codes so I'm going to run SE to look some takers.   By doing so, I've found some awesome Seatrout fishing!  They aren't big fish but in great numbers when you find them, so I'll be after the specks and reds a little longer and check in on the Stripers every couple of days to see when they want to play.  I've also been to Morehead a couple of times to pull on some Spot and thats a ball so if you're looking for something along that line, call me I'm in.

Oct. 19    Made it over to fish the Roanoke this past Sunday after Greenville Marines 2 day classic, I see they left some Largemouth behind so that's good.  Didn't find my Striped Bass however I did see some fish on the depth finder that I will need to put some time on.  Also caught some perch and Jack to round out the p.m.  water temp was at 67.

Oct. 17    Since my last update we've had between 15-20 inches of rain and just after the rain the fishing was awesome on the Reds and Flounder.  Now it's been about two weeks and the fishing has been tough to say the least.  Just after the rain the fish came out of the creeks and stacked up along the upper reaches of the rivers and we put were able to catch lots of fish in small areas, now all the water has mixed and the bite has been tough!  It's been tough to make the adjustment and leave the areas that were so productive but the fish have moved so we are changing gears with them.  I'm going over to the Albemarle Sound today to check on my Stripers, water temp is in the high 60's, low 70's so things should start to fire off.  I'll keep you posted on what I do.

Sept. 20    Trophy Reds are still the highlight, also the Flounder and Puppy Drum bite is going strong!

Sept. 7    Trophy Reds!!!!!!!!!  The bite is HOT!  Flounder and Puppy Drum are doing it up also!

Aug. 31    Trophy Red Drum in the p.m., Flounder and Puppy Drum in the a.m., fishing is Good!

Aug. 22    Red Drum and Flounder have been the action for the last week or so.

Aug. 10    Tarpon, Ciatation Class Red Drum, some Spanish and Flounder!

July 19    Tarpon are here!  Also Flounder and Reds.

July 6    I've seen that silver flash on the Pamlico Sound and returned with high hopes but the wind has played the upper hand, so the Tarpon run is an ongoing search adventure for now.  The first week in July has produced some good fishing with some nice upper slot Red Drum landings and some keeper Flounder.  Also seeing some small Croakers and plenty of Cownose Rays.

June 23    Been running over the Pamlico and Neuse searching a pattern and haven't been able to produce anything solid to speak of.   This years first Red Drum over 40lbs. did come last week so I guess I'll put in some more time looking them and Tarpon.

June 10    Roanoke River for some Striped Bass action, today was the second day of West blow and Rockfish must be full, they will not eat anything.  So plan B, Largemouth Bass and did well.

June 8    Huge Croakers, found some keeper Flounder and some slot Red Drum on some new Oyster Rocks on the Neuse!

June 4    Fished Ocracoke, Spanish and Blues in Blair and Wallace Ch.  Several boats were after the Cobia with catches also.

May 30    Roanoke River, Stripers are cutting minnows on top and a plenty of small Largemouth Bass.

May 29    Pungo River, plenty of Cownose Rays and a few Red Drum for a mid-day trip.

May 26    I've been rained on for 3 days now and the water is backing hard on the Pamlico.  There are a few Flounder and Red Drum, 0 Trout and some nice Croakers.  The other Captains that fish with me said the Pamlico Trout are gone, usually gone means you can still catch a few but these fish are gone.  Maybe I'll stumble on the hideout if there is one in the next few days.

May 23    Today was a fun day tried for a little of everthing and caught a little of everything.  Striped Bass, Bream, Bowfin, Largemouth and Crappie were landed today on the Roanoke.  Next week I shift to the Pamlico catching up on the Trout, Flounder and Red Drum, can't wait!

May 22    On the Roanoke, things still haven't settled out from the rain, 10 Striped Bass, several Largemouth and several Bowfin.

May 20    Few days of rain has the Roanoke mixed up, Fished today with about 20 Stripers landed.

May 15    Thought about a Cobia, found schooling Bluefish on the ride and had a ball catching!  

May 10    Not much on top today but triple hook ups all a.m. long!  Landed well over 100+ Striped Bass on the half day!  The fishing is on FIRE!

May 9    Crushed the Stripers!  Doubles, Triples!  All size classes!

May 8    Fished 2 hours, 40 Striped Bass

May 5    Awesome top water bite on the Stripers!

May 1    30 or so Striped Bass, most were bucks.  Also picking up a mixed bag on the Striped Bass trips, they incl. Gar, Largemouth Bass, Bowfin and the bream should fire up on this full moon!  On the salt side of the water there were some Trout caught and the Red Drum are out and about!

April 25    Wind is howling, put the smack on some fish today, any cast that didn't pick up trash from the trees got a bite!  I even got to fish a little today and made an angler error on the largest fish I've had on this year.  I had him, turned him twice and then he ran straight toward a hazard and I put a little to much on him and pulled the hook!  O'well, that's how they get big.

April 23    42 Striped Bass on the half day!

April 19    Things fired back up!

April 18    Today the bite shut down, cool temps water was backing in, just one of those where the bite was tough.  The a.m. bite was shut down with only a handful of Striped Bass and the p.m. was a mirror image with only a handful of Striped Bass, couple of Gar hookups and a Catfish.

April 17    Fish moved a little with the big shift in water, had 2 anglers for the p.m. and they landed 24 Stripers out of the woods and a 49 inch Gar on 10 lb test!

April 16    West wind put the bite on!  74 Striped Bass casting for the day!

April 15    34 Striped Bass, few perch and some lunker Largemouth Bass.

April 11    Water hit 61, found some huge fish on top water this p.m. with a 50 fish day.

April 10    Conditions formed for a 30 fish 1/2 day on the Striped Bass with lots of nice perch mixed.

April 8    Roanoke River spawning run has started after a little lull for me!  Shad have decided to play a little and the Striped Bass numbers are back into the double digit half days.  There's been a few days that the bottom anglers have put smoke on them and casting has also been prducing some nice fish.  Water temps are in the mid 60's and Thursday produced an hour of top water action at dusk, so good things should be here with more to come.

March 23    Roanoke River to find a good Striper bite, found the fish but the wind wouldn't let us stay.  Rain, blowing 25 plus, cold, just tough conditions tried to find some areas that would allow us to catch fish without being blown off the boat but the wind found us eveywhere.  Caught 6, broke one off and a Gar.  When the customers opened their lunch box it revealed 5 bright yellow Bananas, and I almost fell out, you know the rule about Bananas onboard.

March 21    Roanoke for Striped Bass, must of landed close to 45 Striped Bass!

March 19    Went to the Neuse for Shad and it was shut down also, I seam to be good at shutting down the Shad bite these days, don't know whats up there.

March 18    Roanoke for Striped Bass to get myself back together, 40 fish day!

March 17    Tried the Roanoke for Shad and got a big Skunk.

March 12    Fished New Bern today in the blowing rain, landed one Striped Bass and had a few strikes, just tough conditions.

March 10    Plenty of muddy water, catching about a dozen Stripers a half day.

March 8    Past week the fishing has been fishing, putting together a handful of Striped Bass but having to work to get them.  The Commercial net season is open with a 10 fish limit so they can make quick work on the fish in the hot spots, so...... I'm having to search and fish a lot of areas to produce.  Looking back into my books you can see a huge drop in catch numbers when the net season opens.  I go from catching an average 30 fish on a half day to catching 7 or 8 fish on a half day.  Some say ole, March is a transition month, it's tough to catch fish when they start to suspend.  My experience is it's tough to catch fish that disappeared last night.

Shad, no good reports still, but things should start to fire off soon.

Feb.27    Yesterday the wind blew 30 all day, today I'm looing at 39.9 degree water on the rise, and all mud with a 12 mph wind!  Managed to search up 8 Striped Bass and a Gar or two for a half day.  Just couldn't get the fish to turn on, we were getting bites on every third cast of so but the fish were just shut down.  Forecast is calling for another snow day on Tuesday, maybe just maybe this will be the last.  We should be looking at water temps in the mid to high 40s and when they do get there, look out, I'm going to have a party!

Feb. 25    Snow is coming down.

Feb. 22-23    Pamlico River Striped Bass have been on a two day bite but it looks like the weather is going to make short work of fun under the sun.

Feb. 21    This was the  third day of the warming trend and the fishing produced.

Feb.19    Just coming out of another week of cold temps, hit the water around 9:30 looking at 39 degree water in search of some active Striped Bass.  Today was going to be just a little different, I had two experienced fly anglers looking to for the first Striped Bass of the year.  Within a half hour the first fish took a clouser  out of 19 foot of water and was in hand shortly after.  Fish number 2 set the pattern for the day and created a mixed bag of Striped Bass and Gar.  

Feb.14    Going Fishing, over 3 inches of snow on the dock, broke ice to get out, couldn't find fish in the river so broke ice through a creek and found some fish.  Ended up landing 2 Striped Bass and missed maybe 14 more.  Water temp 35

Feb. 9    Rain all day, Feb. 10 winds blowing 20+ all day, Feb 12. three inches of snow.

Feb. 7     cold blow

Feb. 6    Little Snow coming down on the Roanoke, winds blowing and the water is just looks crazy, not the forecast I want to pass on.

Feb. 5    Cold rain all day and night, what was left of the snow is now gone off the back deck.

Feb. 2    Rain, again and cold, weekly forecast also has 3 more days of rain it looks like.  Need a little break in these systems, the guides are getting the true meaning of "Cold, Hard Cash".

Jan. 30, 31    3" of snow, no, no, no!

Jan 28    Got to air a show for eastern NC and the days forecast was calling for the temps to hit mid 50 range, low winds.  Launched the boat at 8 a.m. with 35 degree temps and the water was thick!  All the runoff had hit from the prior rain, mixing things up to the max!  Found some fish caught one on the first cast and then nothing, the fish just couldn't see the lures.  Picked up and ran, muddy water, picked up and ran, muddy water, picked up and ran, muddy water, picked up and found the last of the clear and the fishing was epic.  The camera rolled through 2 batteries and two disk of catching and then the camera man got some catching with us!  All in all a great time on the water, be sure to check out for part one of Roanoke Rockfish.  Don't mind the missed hook sets by yours truely the fish were chomping and I was poking all that would bump the lure.  Also I think I said Jan. maybe 20 times but that was my first rodeo and I'm sure "when" will not be a missing clue.  Couple of hours the total was 30+.

Jan.26    Coming off the 3inch down poor of rain, don't know what it's going to do for clear winter water but it will increase flow and the catch numbers went to a 40 fish half day and the big fish were back.

Jan.24    Water is back up to 44 degrees, got a strong South wind that brought a day of 60+ degree weather and I put the smack on the Stripers.  Over 40.

Jan. 17    Looking for the big fish that we were on before the ice, 3 hours 8 Striped Bass, missed 8 more, East wind + ice cold water made it shut down.  Glad to see the air temps get above 60.

Jan. 16    Water starts at 35 degrees, creeks still holding ice, looking for a pattern to start the day.  Fish on!  Doubles!  1/2 day trip ended with 30 Striped Bass, a dozen or so missed, and a Gar that could give the state record a run.

Jan. 15    Creeks still covered in ice, river temps started at 33-34 degrees backing off the trailer, air temps started at 30 degrees, a million thoughts run through my head for a pattern.  Marked some fish but couldn't make them bite, tweaked a little on the pattern and moved, fish on!  1/2 day trip ended with 8 Striped Bass and missed a half dozen or so.

Jan. 8-10    Raleigh Fishing Expo, thanks to all for coming out!  Eastern NC has been hit by a week of cold temps turning the creeks to ice, this will be the coldest water temps I've tried to fish.


Dec.31    More rain last night into the a.m., water temp pushed down to 41 on the Roanoke but managed to find some new fish runs.  Landed 54 Stripers casting, most all were over 5lbs with some pushing up to 9 lbs.  Great fishing!

Dec. 28    Family outing, wanted to get my wife and son on some fish so I returned to the Roanoke so my 2 year old could break in his new rod.  Mom missed a fish on the third cast but got one on the 5th.  Kaden landed him a 2 pounder with a little help on the cast but he's got it down.  We were able to fish for an hour and landed 7 good fish.

Dec. 27    Just got some more rain, but headed back to the Roanoke to see if the Stripers were starting to run the winter pattern.  The water is the highest I've seen in 4 years and back to the good-ole-days of fishing in the mud.  Despite the 44 degree, muddy, high, ripping current I was able to go straight to the fish and had a customer land a fish within the first 20 cast.  Half day trip one customer landed 16 or so and missed a few more, most fish were in the 4 plus pound range.  It's on now!

Dec. 10    Now we are looking for a break from the rain pattern so we can get back on the Stripers.

Nov.    Catching Striped Bass on the Pamlico River, Neuse River and Roanoke River.

Oct. 16    Back on the Pamlico to tune in some fish and try some new ideas and things turned out great!  The Stripers were willing despite the wind and cold mist.  Ended up with around 18 top water catches and many more strikes.

Oct. 11  This was my first trip back to the Roanoke in several months, I wanted to see if the Striped Bass were in some of the old holes and within 20 cast, I found them.  Also found a new stump in some deep water and played with the Largemouth Bass for a while.  Half day trip ended with around 10 Stripers, close to 30 Largemouth, several Perch and a mix of Jack and Bowfin.  All in all the fishing was off the charts.

I haven't taken the time to post in some time but fishing has been great, Aug. was full of Tarpon, Sept was full of Huge Red Drum, Oct. went off the charts with both trophy Reds and slot class fish and with the temps cooling quickly, I've changed gears and started after the Striped Bass.

Aug. 8    The Trophy Red Drum are making a showing but the Tarpon bite has gone off the charts with some awesome, awesome catches!

July 11    The Flounder bite is on, Pamlico River call for some details!  

July 3    a.m. trip one person landed 40+ on top water.

July 1    Striped Bass should last until the water drops, you need to get in on it while it's a sure thing!.

June 24    Roanoke River Striped Bass are on Fire, I have a top water bite that is lasting up to 4 hours, then we're catching them deep.  All fish are being released alive the water temp is still in the 70's.

June 22    Puppy Drum, Flounder and Seatrout!  

June 3    This week I've been picking up lots of Flounder, some nice Puppy Drum, and some nice Seatrout with some mixed Striped Bass along the way.

May 25    I'm catching Striped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Bream, Flounder, Puppy Drum and more.

April 16    Stripers are still on bottom but thick, White Perch are going strong also, Largemouth Bass are chomping in the creeks.

April 4    Stripers are in high gear, catching plenty on bottom, some casting and a few on top in the prime time.  Shad today were a little slow but I didn't spend much time hunting them either. Largemouth Bass plenty!  It looks like I have April 9th and 10th open.

March 28    Shad are running strong, Stripers are hit or miss but the water should be gearing up for good things to happen, Largemouth are steady just running a little small.

March 23    Water temp has declined again with the added rain and began to rise with lots of stained water, the fishing has declined with the "not so perfect conditions" but as soon as the water holds a great pattern will develop.  Anyone wanting April dates needs to book now!

March 15    Water temp has hit the 50's, I'm catching Stripers, Shad, Largemouth Bass and Perch.

March 1    The last two weeks of Feb. where spent working on last years tax info and ramping up the 2009 advertisements, tournament locations and all the paperwork involved.  Over the weekend we had a huge rain and some cold temps but later in the week we should see some nice weather, as soon as things settle a little "spring" fishing should kick off.

Feb. 16    Pleased to post the first fishibx Striped Bass Tournament of 2009 is coming March 22nd,  for details visit the tornament page!  Hope to see you there.

Feb.11    Couple of days of warm weather has changed the surface water temp, plenty of water at 48 and should hit 50 by the weeks end, Stripers are still around and willing, Shad are making a show but not thick, if the weather maintains the anglers will have the cat out of bag, can't wait!  Anyone wanting to book for the "Striper keeper season" should drop me a line, don't wait until the end, the fish are here now!

Feb. 1    Water temp. 42, SW wind 15+, landed 21 Stripers and 1 Gar.

Jan. 16    Wow!  Super cold blast hit NC with the temp. not gettting over freezing the whole day, despite frozen line, reels and rods the total Striper count ended at 97 on a half day trip.  Water temp dropped to 39 at the ramp and 44 in the river, Air temp. started at 12 degrees and went to 27 for the high.  

Jan. 12    NEW 2009 RECORD!  Hit the Albemarle Sound around 8:30 with a customer and had the first fish on within the first 10 cast.  Days total 67 Stripers, temp 45, E wind @ 5mph, and water temp 46.

Jan. 9    Va. boys wanted to land some fish on the fly, total for the half day was 34 Stripers and 1 Largemouth.  Also checked out some of the creeks of the Roanoke River to see if the fish were showing up in the traditional areas and within 5 cast, fish on.  Great things to come from here!

Jan.3    Bridges were a litlle slick but made it to the ramp, landed 19 Stripers on a half day.

Jan.2    Broke out the Largemouth tactics and played with the elctronics a little, decided to pinpoint fish on the fish finder and bounce jigs, spoons and drop-shot.  Landed over 35 Stripers and a huge Gar.

Jan. 1    Huge push of Striped Bass have shot up the Roanoke River, unless they stage again Weldon should have some fish in three weeks or so.


Dec. 31    Cold wind, hot fishing!  1 customer, 33 Stripers on the Roanoke River.

Dec. 29    NEW WINTER RECORD,  landed 90 Stripers on a long half day despite the rain and cool temps.  Hats off to Hudson, Chris and "Bill".

Dec. 26    Water temp 47 with much cleaner water, landed over 35 fish on a half day.  E wind at 7mph

Dec. 22    N wind and below freezing temps, with a 30 degree drop in temp overnight we only landed 5 Stripers for the a.m.  Water dropped 2' overnight, temp. 46 and muddy.

Dec. 18    Back to the old school tricks, a.m. trip landed 38 Stripers &1 Largemouth.  Wather temp. 51 E, NE wind @ 7mph.

Dec. 16    Tried some new ideas which didn't pan, 1 striper on a SE wind.

Dec. 14    NW wind, water temp 46, landed 31 Stripers on a half day.

Dec. 12    a.m. trip with 22 Stripers

Dec. 7    16 Stripers in two hrs., water temp. 46, wind N-NW 15+

Dec. 6    20 Stripers on an a.m. trip on the Roanoke.

Dec. 5    Hit the water late, picked up some quality Stripers on the Roanoke.

Nov. 10    Stripers are on!

Nov. 1    Fall patterns are taking place, there was a drop in water temp. which moved some fish to deeper water and tightened up the bait.  As a result the fish keyed into schooling mode and took advantage of the concentrated bait.  Stripers, Trout and Largemouth will be the target for the weeks ahead.